Trust the man with the star

Here’s a step back in time: a beautiful vintage Texaco gas station, which, as far as I can tell, is simply a labor of love. Or it’s closed on Sundays. It’s behind a fence next to a private residence, and well off the typical beaten path where service stations are usually planted. This is flawlessly nostalgic. I remember driving into service stations like this in the days when I was very small and the backseat of the car was endless. . .as long as my brother stayed on his own vast side.

The main reason I suspect this is a hobby station is that I never ever have seen a station so clean. There’s not a grease-infused fingerprint in view. I didn’t find it in Primarily Petroliana, a listing of oil and gas museums and restored gas stations.

If you can’t see it, the sign on the door has the old Texaco motto “You can trust your car to the man who wears the star. Service with a smile.”

Do any locals know the story of this place?

7 thoughts on “Trust the man with the star”

  1. The station is the result of a man’s hobby. A number of years ago, the Squim Gazette ran an article on this man’s hobby. Have to look carefully for it, as it is behind a fence.

  2. Very cool!! Sure brings back memories. Made me think of the soda vending machines, bottles on their side that you put in the money and pulled out. Regarding nancy’s comment above – yes, remember when ‘service stations’ were called that for a reason? I did spot a ‘Flying A’ gas station recently in Santa Rosa. Hadn’t seen one of those in decades.

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