At long last!

Our wonderful friend Miriam gave me bags and bags of flower bulbs. I planted these so I could enjoy them from the kitchen window. It seemed like the buds were swelling for weeks. Yesterday, at long last, they finally began to bloom. Time for a happy dance.

5 thoughts on “At long last!”

  1. oooohhhh daffodils!!! (we call them narcissen). i love them!!! back home you can buy bunches for just a few dollars, to put everywhere in the house.
    how i miss that. im sure my mom will have many around the house right now.
    buuuhh. too bad they are so expensive here (and no garden).

  2. Beautiful! Isn’t spring lovely?!

    Kay, air plants are the easiest to take care of. I keep mine outdoors in the shade year round except on very cold periods in winter and water them just like I do to all the others. 🙂

  3. An absolutely perfect and gay shot – looks like they are all lined up to start dancing and doing their thing. Just love daffs – a sign that spring is finally beginning to burst out into a coat of many colors.

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