Victoria day tripping, 2

Here are more Victoria harbour snapshots, taken in my pre-blog days. Above is one of the first sightings of land as you enter the harbour.

And this is a view of Victoria as it appears near the Johnson Street Bridge.

And, as the ferry moves toward the dock, there is the quintessential view of the Empress Hotel, a Victoria landmark since the early 1900s. Afternoon tea is served in the lobby. In the summers they serve up to 800 a day. I love afternoon tea, but I’ve not had it here.

5 thoughts on “Victoria day tripping, 2”

  1. looks pretty and so different!
    i guess afternoon tea is quite expensive there… would like some with a nice piece of pie or so… hmmmm

  2. The last time I checked, tea was $59 Canadian per person. . .and the lobby seemed so packed with tables it was almost claustrophobic.

  3. Such a pretty shot of the Empress with the boats in the harbor, Kay. At $59 per, and crowded to boot, does not sound at all appealing!

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