Tour de Dung, 2 of 2

I lived for a long time in an area well populated with mountain bikes and I see bikes on the trail in the Dungeness Recreation Area. The ones in this race are a whole different ballgame. And is it totally girlie of me to say I liked the colorful shoes? You can see some of them in the photo below.

The course takes about half an hour and the speeds are about 24 mph. Though the groups of bicyclists are large, they pass by in a flash.

6 thoughts on “Tour de Dung, 2 of 2”

  1. Thank you Kay for posting all the info and pictures of something I never knew was taking place here. Was this even in the PDN? Probably not! And yes, those shoes are spectacular!!!

  2. I’m not diligent about looking in the sports section of the Peninsula Daily News, but I haven’t seen anything about this event in the news or local events sections. I don’t think the organizers are locals, so there may not be much local publicity. Too bad. This is a group of terrific atheletes!

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