Tour de Dung, 1 of 2

The Tour de Dung (as in “Dungeness”) bicycle races were held in Sequim yesterday. The course is just short of 12 miles on a beautiful route described as “safe, dry, fast, and flat.” I enjoyed taking a front row seat.

The weather was good — that is, no rain or wind.

Races will be held again next Saturday. Locals, watch out for the racers. They are proceeded and followed by cars with signs and flashing lights.

7 thoughts on “Tour de Dung, 1 of 2”

  1. When I see these cyclists I know that summer is on its way! Time to get my ancient
    Schwinn down from the garage rafters. Can’t wait! It’s now 6:10 am here in River City and it’s 46 degrees…a heat wave for St. Paul in March!!

  2. i always bike 12 miles in the gym! would be too scared to having to bike with so many others on the road at that speed…. although im probably a lot slower.. 🙂
    how fast was the first? do you know?

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