Tree spade

Until last week I’d never seen anything quite like this. It is a tree spade used to transplant conifers and from what I’ve since learned, they can be used to move trees up to 35 feet high and 9 inches in trunk size. And I’d thought a two-person auger was a beefy piece of equipment!

This was parked in a church parking lot on Kitchen-Dick Road. I’ll have to wait to see if this spot is the home for a new tree.

I love planting trees. Have you ever planted any? What kind have you planted?

5 thoughts on “Tree spade”

  1. I can see how the tool could be used to plant a tree, but I wonder how it would be positioned to remove one. I recall planting a beautiful little blue spruce given to our daughter by her godfather, many years ago. Sadly, we left it behind when we moved to another house. Occasionally awe drive by our former residence, and it is not a large, stately tree.

  2. hahaha, thats funny. never saw something like that either! i once planted a tree with school, we were 8 years old or so. but everything was prepared already, it was more symbolic i guess.
    regarding winter weather in europe you mentioned on my blog: i am a tiny bit jealous!! the netherlands seemed to be frozen entirely, so all canals etc were frozen and everyone was on the ice for iceskating! it must have been very beautiful and im sad to have missed that! here you can see some pictures:

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