A Dropped Stitch

Our local knitting shop, A Dropped Stitch, is the go-to place for knitters and weavers. It’s a sweet little store located on Bell Street, filled with beautiful supplies and plenty of good cheer.

They offer classes and tech support. And there’s even a spot toward the back of the store where yarnheads can hang out, knit, and spin woolly tales.

This post reminds me of the cable scarf I’ve been working on for months. It sits in a semi-neglected basket, growing so slowly you’d think perhaps it was ignored in lieu of blog posts.

5 thoughts on “A Dropped Stitch”

  1. As a yarnaholic, I’m in love with these shots! And the shop looks absolutely lovely! I will definitely go there if I’m in that part of the world! And I, too, have a project that is being neglected. Oh, well, that’s the great part of knitting – it will be there waiting for me.

  2. Terrific building for what it is selling; the yarns’ colors are so bright and varied. Looking at them just makes one feel good. Also makes me want to start weaving! Get back on that project so you can photograph it and show us your other talent!

  3. i cannot knit. i think i wont have the patience, although i have a friend who makes the most beautiful things. last year she sent us a box full of winterstuff, so sweet!
    my mom used to knit sweaters for me. i remember once i got stuck, and then there was this loop, and i didnt know what to do with it, so i just cut it, hoping that would solve the problem. then i had a hole… hahahahha

  4. Look at all those colors… ooh.la.la! I’ve just recently picked up knitting and crocheting again (not very well) enjoying every moment!

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