Cemetery cat

This cat has taken on the responsibility of greeting people and making them feel welcome at the Dungeness Cemetery. Or, at least it did in my case recently. Here it walked across the top of a grave monument, then followed me like a friendly dog. It meowed like it was telling me stories of the souls attached to the graves. Then it approached again. “You’re welcome to pet me if you’re feeling a little down.”

It’s called anthropomorphizing when you project human attributes onto an animal’s behavior. But I rather like thinking that is what this kitty is all about.

6 thoughts on “Cemetery cat”

  1. I loved to watch this cat walk and it was so companionable. It may be worth a return visit to see if it is there regularly. It’s well fed and there are houses on either side of the cemetery, so this may be its backyard that it shares with all comers.

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