Have you seen this barn?

If you’ve ever driven through Sequim on Highway 101, you’re likely to have seen this barn. It’s at the eastbound exit to Sequim Avenue looking forgotten and forlorn. And it’s for sale.

In the background to the left is one of Sequim’s little subdivisions at the base of Bell Hill.

The barn looks sad to me and a little haunted with memories of days when it was active and full of life.

5 thoughts on “Have you seen this barn?”

  1. Barns always are fascinating structures for photographing, whether old and worn or still functioning. There is so much variety in our country, and this one certainly can stir the imagination about the past.

  2. whats with the yellow? old paint? indeed doesnt look in its best shape!
    and i think it was our first pizza of the year! 🙂 yumyum

  3. It’s a wonderful old barn. I wonderif the yellow is lichen or moss? Maybe remnants of old paint? I hope whoever buys it renovates it and uses it instead of tearing it down. ‘ll bet there are barn owls nesting in iit.

  4. The yellow is lichen, I think. I guess that moss doesn’t get so bright yellow and there’s lots of moss on the roof. Parts of the roof are missing – you can see it in the 2nd photo, on the left side of the building. It’s sad because it looks beyond saving — good wood doesn’t grow moss and lichen.

    I also don’t think it’s in a great location anymore for farming activity — right on the edge of Hwy. 101.

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