Bean Juice: More coffee!

Way back in September I posted a series in which I attempted to photograph all the little coffee spots around Sequim. Silly me! I not only missed some but within seemingly days the coffee scene morphed as some places changed hands and more opened.

Here are two that I missed outright. The one above is on Hooker Road near Highway 101. I missed the name. Is it Hotshots?

And here’s the coffee stand at the car wash across Highway 101 from Sunny Farms. This is Java Jungle, though I’m more likely to remember it as “CarWash Coffee.”

Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with.” Drew Sirtors

5 thoughts on “Bean Juice: More coffee!”

  1. Over the next year, I’ll be spending some time, off and on, in Sequim. [Goal: To try at least one cup of coffee from each of the many coffee stops Sequim.] On my first visit to Sequim a couple of years ago – I got a cup of coffee at Hurricane Coffee. On another visit a couple of stops at Adagio Bean and Leaf and of course, the omnipresent, Starbucks. All, I say all, very enjoyable so far. (Also coffee at Old Mill Cafe was good too.)

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