Local heroes

Here are two examples of everyone’s favorite heavy equipment last week. These two were parked off Seventh Street in Sequim and are probably private contractors who cleared local parking lots.

The City of Sequim reports that it used 100 cubic yards of sand and 15 tons of salt clearing public roads during three days of storms last week. Plowers worked 12-hour shifts, putting in 324 hours. Many of us live on or near county roads which are the responsibility of Clallam County Public Works which dispatches its own army of plows. Gotta love ’em.

4 thoughts on “Local heroes”

  1. It looks like there may be a problem finding places to put the snow. Last year when MN had record snowfalls, the snow was piled high and some stayed in huge mounds well into April. Playgrounds were sometimes used to hold the snow, some at least two stories high. Hope your warmer weather takes care of that problem!

  2. You can see that some of the piles are pretty high. It’s been warmer, but these mounds do take their time melting. I hope the infrequency of snow keeps the piles from taking over whole parking lots or roadsides.

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