Snow play

I took these photos on Thursday, our third day of snowfall. By midday yesterday, Friday, the temperature began to slowly rise and it was around 40F by sunset. Winds from the south initially brought heavy rains and rainfall was predicted overnight with flood watches and advisories in regions all over Washington state. For the next few days I’ll continue to post photos that I took of the snow and try to include some weather updates.

The trails at Dungeness Recreation Area showed evidence of skiers and snow shoers who were out enjoying a rare opportunity to play in snow at sea level.

Chord, the Wonder Dog, puts playing in snow up at the top of his favorites list and can barely wait to get out the door once he sees snow. He tolerates the girly jacket which means there’s less of him that needs drying off when we get home.

10 thoughts on “Snow play”

  1. Thanks for posting all these pictures. We’re thinking of retiring there in a couple of years and it’s nice to see all the pictures around the area. You post a lot of views that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

  2. LOL! I knew that Red Riding Hood should be there somewhere! I just didn’t know she would be there in the form of a dog. How wonderful! And it totally made me laugh!

  3. Kay, I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a thoughtful comment. That was very nice of you.

    I have a couple of blog friends that live in the Pac NW and their photos resemble yours — so much snow. Your photos are lovely and your dog is so handsome. Love the red jacket!

    Have a great evening.

  4. NICE! so much snow!
    regarding the absence of snowplows; i dont think they have those in the netherlands! we do not usually get a lot of snow, so that is ok… sort of. but… in 2010 there was maybe a foot or 2 of snow fallen during 1 or 2 days. then we arrived from boston, in snowy netherlands. we stayed 10 days. 10 days the we plodded through the snow. not one day did it snow while we were there. but… it was freezing so that sow remained on the streets, and as they ran out of salt (!!) absolutely nothing happened. the snow turned into ice and most roads became dangerously slippery (at least they were flat as the country is entirely flat). many people got injured (many dutch still bike, even with snow), broken wrists etc. and especially elderly people just were forced to stay at home for nearly 2 weeks!!

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