Brownie heaven is gone

A partnership between Bell Street Bakery and The Garden Bistro has unraveled and Bell Street Bakery has closed. The bakery side partner, Andre Barritelle, is quoted as saying “It’s been an interesting ordeal over the past three years.” The Garden Bistro partners, who most recently ran the restaurant side of the operations are hoping to raise operating funds to continue the bistro.

In the meantime, one of the sources of good, artisan breads sold in many local spots is gone. I mourn the loss of the best brownies I’ve found here so far.

5 thoughts on “Brownie heaven is gone”

  1. It sounds like it was not a good working relationship. Really good bread (and brownines!) are not easy to find. Guess you’ll have to whip out those old baking pans, Kay!

  2. i miss good bread…. a lot…. yet i am still too lazy to make that myself. brownies (or any other cookie or pastry) i nowadays prefer to make at home, its so much fun!
    from back home i definitely miss biking most, then bread (and everything we put on there, old cheese, or chocolate sprinkles, yum!!), and i guess the more down to earth nature of people…

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