Now appearing: Mt. Baker

Yesterday was a clear and sunny day. Mount Baker about 75 miles east of us made a dazzling appearance. It’s often hidden under clouds or haze so it’s a treat when there is a bright view of it, which I caught just before sunset.

Mount Baker is 10,781 feet high and part of the North Cascade Range. It is the second most active volcano after Mt. Saint Helens in the Cascade Volcanic Arc. The explorer George Vancouver named the mountain after 3rd Lieutenant Joseph Baker on the HMS Discovery who saw the mountain on April 30, 1792.

7 thoughts on “Now appearing: Mt. Baker”

  1. how pretty!!! was this around sunset? Just curious because of the colours… really such a pretty sight. i keep being amazed by how different the us is. probably because the netherlands is just 231 times smaller than the US!

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