My favorite road sign

You can find these road signs here and there around Sequim. And you can, from time to time, get caught on the road behind a slow tractor. I’d much rather deal with a slow tractor than being caught in a city traffic jam.

5 thoughts on “My favorite road sign”

  1. I see so many of these signs on road trips: cows, elk, ducks, deer, but never one of these. Very creative; it takes the edge off driving slowly behind them!

  2. Road signs are interesting as well as informitive. I think the first one I remember seeing was the car and wavy lines underneath letting you know the road was slick when wet. then came the watch for animals and falling rocks. I wonder how many signs are out there today we haven’t seen?

  3. i like that he has such a nice hat.
    as a child i had a book where they showed traffic signs indicating the same from different countries, i was so amazed by the differences! they also showed traffic-lights for pedestrians. some were just the boring lights, but some had a tiny man, a woman or children.. etc.
    in the everglades we saw a sign for “panthers crossing”, but without a drawing.. šŸ™

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