Theme Day – Photos of the Year 2011

Happy New Year! Today’s City Photo Theme Day topic is “Photo of the Year 2011.” Because the Sequim Daily Photo has had two bloggers this year, Shannon and me (Kay), you get two favorite photos from 2011.

The top one is mine, a moonrise over Dungeness Bay. It captured for me the mood and colors of a perfect summer evening.

Shannon let me choose which of hers was my favorite in 2011. This one immediately came to mind. I rocked back in my chair with an “Oh, wow!” when it came up on my screen the first time. I still think it’s stunning.

I think that together Shannon and my photos capture some of the beauty that I love so much in Sequim. I hope you enjoy them.

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

11 thoughts on “Theme Day – Photos of the Year 2011”

  1. Both of you were more than successful in posting to CDP in 2011; after finding your blog I always eagerly anticipated your photos. Love both your choices today.

  2. Excellent choice! Both of you ladies have brought something special of the many interesting things to be seen and enjoyed around Sequim. I would nominate the Sequim Daily Photo as the best one of any I have looked at you deserve an award for this! The comments are always interesting and informitive.
    Happy New Year and keep the photos coming in 2012! 🙂

  3. Happy New Year everyone and thank you Kay for picking one of my pictures from last year to include on today’s post 🙂 You have taken some stunners already, so I imagine it was hard to pick from yours.

    I’m looking forward to your 2012 photos!

  4. Kay, Shannon and you both have estimable photos to show off today. (I hardly ever get the chance to use “estimable’) I await more wonderful shots from your superb part of the country.

  5. Thank you one and all — and thank you, Shannon, for your year of wonderful posts and your help in bringing me on board.

    Here’s to a great 2012, everyone!

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