Surprise sculpture

This sculpture is nothing new to people who walk in the area around Carrie Blake Park and the Water Reuse Demonstration Park. It surprised me when I explored the park recently as I’d never noticed it from the road passing by. The Water Reuse Park where this is located is designed to educate the public on the reuse of water. I believe that the hoops in the distant background are part of a volunteer effort to reforest the area with native oaks.

4 thoughts on “Surprise sculpture”

  1. It is well done, Kay. I don’t want it for my yard, but still, it is kind of nice.

    Happy holidays. If you see your predecessor Shannon, wish her well for me.

  2. I see what you see, Patricia, but it’s not a teddy bear. How funny! I think it’s shading in the foliage between the houses at the back. I hadn’t noticed that when I posted, but it sure looks like a peek-a-boo bear now!

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