More ducks

Yesterday’s mallard post made me long to see a ducks in a more natural environment. Here’s one I saw recently in the Sequim Water Reuse Park. He swam and dove, nice duckish activities.

And here’s another guy in a pond at Carrie Blake Park. He had a lot to say. I think it mostly had to do with my disturbing his nap. He definitely looks different from the mallard above. As far as I can tell, I think this guy may be a greater scaup. But I’m just pawing through a bird book and I’m happy to stand corrected by anyone with better birding skills.
Update: I stand corrected. Both ducks are male mallards. Thank you, Paul from Powell River Photo Blog!

5 thoughts on “More ducks”

  1. Hi, Kay. Your bird series has been great. The top photo of the mallard should be in the bird identification books. Very sharp and clear and colorful.

  2. Both male Mallards Kay. Reflective light can be deceiving sometimes, but Scaups are very different from your bird – they don’t have the yellow bill for one, it’s silver-gray with a black tip.

  3. Thanks, Paul. The coloring seemed so different I didn’t trust that they were both Mallards. I’m happy to stand corrected.

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