Best of the Peninsula – Happy Hour

In polling by the Peninsula Daily News Applebee’s won the “Happy Hour” category. Okay, it’s not Cheer’s but there’s something to be said for half off appetizers and some standard drinks. If I’m not mistaken pitchers of beer go for half off on some days, too.

What can I say? If you want to rock out from time to time you’ll have to wait until a Son’s of Norway dinner. . .or a big night at the Elk’s Lodge. . .or just head on over to Blyn to the Seven Cedars Casino. I guess we’re not much on bright lights and big city life in these parts. Suits me.

One thought on “Best of the Peninsula – Happy Hour”

  1. haha, we goto applebee’s only when they have half off appetizers (after 9 during the week), and those are ok-ish. i dont like restaurants where they have pictures of the food in the menu, as it (up till now) always indicated that the food is not that good… 🙂
    but when lazy, its cheap and with a blue moon beer its yumyum…

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