Steps to nowhere

I spent the last week as a keeper at the New Dungeness Light Station in Sequim. I plan to be posting photos from my stay over the coming days but have had a little electronic heartburn with some computer updates so posting has taken longer than expected. Come back tomorrow to take a peek!

4 thoughts on “Steps to nowhere”

  1. Patricia, these are the steps to the former fog horn building at the New Dungeness Light Station. There was an evolution of bells, whistles, sirens, and horns that alerted ships in the fog and this building housed some of the equipment. Sometime after the Station was taken over by the New Dungeness Light Station Association I understand the Coast Guard, previously in charge of the station, showed up and unceremoniously took the building down. It’s a tough environment out there and the foundation and stairs take a beating.

  2. I just came here from your post today and am happy to get the additional information. I bet that your week was a great adventure.

  3. Thank you Kay for that info! Looking back at Fire Ravaged neighborhoods in various spot of the USA (or hurricane ravaged) you see an occasional perfect front stoop and that’s when you think, At one time this was new and someone took great pride in their new home! That’s what it reminded me of.

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