Best of the Peninsula: Health Food and Produce

Sunny Farms is a local go-to spot and recently was voted as one of the “Best of the Peninsula” in the Peninsula Daily News.  Their store on Highway 101 is packed with most anything you’re likely to need, from bulk items like beans and grains to a small deli and butcher shop. They offer an array of vitamins and supplements at their main store but also have a shop on West Washington Street, shown above, that specializes in them.  They were honored as “Best Health Food” and also “Best Produce” in Clallam County.

The displays in front of the store change seasonally and they often have beautiful and tempting flowering plants that overflow from their nursery and farm store. Inside is a good selection of fruits and vegetables, including lugs of produce and supplies for canning during summer.

Here is a post of the inside of the store from Shannon. (I’ve never seen the store empty; I suspect Shannon took this at the crack of dawn!)  And here is a view of the nursery and farm store from Lavenderlady.

4 thoughts on “Best of the Peninsula: Health Food and Produce”

  1. The title “Best of the Peninsula: Health Food and Produce” makes me smile. We have a weekly publication, The Austin Chronicle, that runs a yearly “Best of” contest. If you submit an entry, they will often add a category just so that *everyone* can win at something. Google them to see what I mean – I think the “Best of” edition came out within the last couple of weeks.
    This looks like a very fun place to shop!

  2. If we ever move out of Sequim, Sunny Farms will definitely be one of the places we’d miss most. I remember doing that smile test at different local stores when more people smiled back at me at Sunny Farms than anywhere else. You are right Kay, it is really hard to find a time that place isn’t packed. Best bets are right when it opens or right before it closes, otherwise it’s a madhouse.
    The staff is super friendly too, a few sourpusses but they are definitely a minority there. Ming always greets me when he sees me and the cashiers are almost always friendly and fun. Out of town guests always want to stop in there when they visit too.

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