Pumpkin Pig People

Lavenderlady (AKA Norma), the talented founder of this blog, previously posted images of this local couple that quietly holds court at Sunny Farms around this time of the year. As with us all, they change fashion a little from year to year. Miraculously, they don’t seem to age much. Here they are this year, settled into a little pumpkin pig love nest outside the store.

Here they are in 2008 and here they are in 2009. 

Sunny Farms was recently named in a couple of categories of “Best of the Peninsula.” We’ll revisit tomorrow to see what honors they took.

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pig People”

  1. These are so cute! It’s funny because I drove by them yesterday and I thought to myself I wonder if Kay saw these and if she’ll feature them and then here they are the next day. It’s fun to see where they’ll put them each year. I love how Sunny Farms looks right now, really represents the season.

  2. I love Sunny Farms…and their pumpkin people always make me smile. This year…and perhaps previously..Sunny Farms donated pumpkins to the grange for their festival last weekend. It was great fun to see the youngsters carving a pumpkin. They are a good business.

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