Four Season Trees

When I took over the Sequim Daily Photo I asked Shannon, the wondrous previous poster, if there were any posts she’d wanted but not had a chance to photograph. She mentioned the trees that border Kitchen-Dick Road and thought it would be interesting to view them with their different seasonal looks. Here’s the first season, Autumn. There are still touches of green; a good frost followed by strong winds and they’ll quickly be bare.

I  didn’t do a serious investigation to determine what kinds of trees these are. Husband and neighbor opined they are poplars.

And for those of you who’ve seen the name “Kitchen-Dick” for the first time I understand that it is a combination of two pioneer family names, farmers who lived along this road. Many of the local roads are named for pioneers and descendants still live here.

6 thoughts on “Four Season Trees”

  1. Kay, another photo suggestion would be those large “spooky” trees down in the Jamestown Road area. What kind of tree are they? A neighbor suggested Gary (sp.?) Oaks..they would make a great shot. Plus the mystery of what killed them? Love this shot here and hope to see them in winter!

  2. Very cool Kay. I just looked at those trees today while driving by. You captured them from the other direction that I’m usually looking at them. They look especially beautiful right now when it’s a clear day and the mountains are out in the background, the combination of the fall colors and mountains.

  3. It’s always one of my favorite spots to see the changes in the seasons. I’ve driven by on a day when the road was covered with the leaves. Every changing. Great shot.

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