Mud: Coffee time in Sequim

Okay. Technically this isn’t in Sequim. It’s Gabby’s on Carlsborg Road in Carlsborg. But I’ve included it because it’s close enough that you might drive through on your way to and from Sequim and I count it as number nine of this series.

But wait! We’re not done yet! We do, of course, have two Starbucks (numbers 10 and 11). But I suppose you already know what they look like, don’t you?

“Man does not live by coffee alone. Have a danish.”  — Author Unknown

This concludes my series on Sequim coffee spots. . .at least until the next one pops up.

7 thoughts on “Mud: Coffee time in Sequim”

  1. I have appreciated your look into Sequim. I hope to move there someday, so I like how you show the different spots. Maybe we can see some others stores or something?!

  2. Still more: Hardie’s Market, inside the Olympic Medical Services Building at The Sweet Beginning Cafe, and inside The Lodge. So many choices for relaxing with a great cup of coffee!

  3. Thanks, Barb! And today’s newspaper announces that Rainshadow Coffee on West Cedar has a cafe now open for business. . .with free coffee tastings on Friday mornings.

    I hope I’ve been able to make my point: there’s no shortage of places to find a cup of coffee in these parts!

  4. Kay, when I read in the Peninsula Daily News this morning that Rainshadow Coffee was opening, I thought of your site and the series you’ve been doing on coffee places here! There is another espresso stand down from Gabby’s on the other side of Hooker Road, I think it’s called Hotshots. And there was one by the Red Carpet car wash in that area too. And they must all do well, because they are still in business and more places opening.

  5. Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments. I guess my main point was that there are lots and lots of places to get coffee. Obviously I don’t spend much time south of Highway 101. I’ll try to pick up ones I missed if I continue this series another time.

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