Jolt: Coffee time in Sequim

Back on Washington Street, heading west, is another coffee spot, White Cup. The same red car is crashing through the west side of the roof. I’m guessing there were one too many double espressos involved. How many coffee spots in Sequim are we up to now?

“Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven.”  — Jessi Lane Adams

7 thoughts on “Jolt: Coffee time in Sequim”

  1. This was originally “Coneheads” and had a 50’s theme going…with signs saying Marilyn Monroe Way & James Dean St. Then they changed hands and painted over the building. Guess it cost too much to remove the car?

  2. I’ll be spending more and more time in Sequim until I can retire and move there full time. I think it a good plan to follow your blog and try coffee at each location in Sequim. Maybe change my blog to “Daily Coffee?”

  3. Larry, you could certainly do worse! And after you’ve tried all the coffee spots you could head out to breakfast. Start with Sunshine Cafe, then check out Oak Table, then the Old Mill Cafe in Carlsborg. . .When that’s all done you can decide on favorite walking trails. . .

  4. Kay: I have eaten at all three restaurants in Sequim. Won’t pick a favorite ’cause I liked them all. I blame Sunshine Cafe, however, for giving me “Sequim Syndrome.” We were reading on their menu or some other info about Sequim at the table. We didn’t know Sequim from squid at the time. Something sparked inside my brain that started the “let’s move to Sequim” movement. Before that, I had no plans or desire to leave NM previously. Maybe it was the water?

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