Java: Coffee time in Sequim

Living in the Pacific Northwest means never having to worry where to get your next cup of coffee. I’ve been struck by how many coffee shops and kiosks we have for a small town. So join me in the coming days to tour Sequim’s local coffee spots. Starting at the east end of town here’s the first one on Washington Street, Adagio Bean and Leaf.

“In Seattle you haven’t had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it’s running.”  — Jeff Bezos

4 thoughts on “Java: Coffee time in Sequim”

  1. Inside small but very nice and cozy. I’ve only gone here a few times when visiting Sequim. Early in the AM was not very busy. Went there later in the AM another time and the place was packed.

  2. what a cool series, to photograph all the coffee houses around.
    here i mostly see starbucks and dunkin donuts, which i both do not like. but perhaps i should look a little closer too!

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