This new drive-through lane was constructed next to the Carlsborg Post Office earlier this year. “Oh, boy! A drive-through drop-off box! Just what we need on a rainy day!”

The contractors came and went. A newspaper stand was installed. The flag waved over the newly-paved drive. But no handy drop box arrived.

When curiosity got the best of us, we finally asked where the drop box was. It seems there was funding for the new driveway but no money for a drop box. Gives new meaning to the term “postage due.”

7 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. As a retired USPS employee of 42 years, am sending this photo to several @ USPS who should know who to contact for a drop box and drop chute; most unusual for these not to be excess or in stock somewhere else, we’ll work toward a drive-up dropbox in the VERY near future for our great neighborhood!

  2. USPS Hqs has this photo and materiel management staff @ Hqs who oversee excess USPS equipment nationally WILL be shipping a dropbox and mail chute to area maintenance staff in Tacoma for installation! THANKS for posting this photo so we can work together to resolve community concerns!

  3. Wow! Thanks, Max! I didn’t post this to campaign for a box, but I certainly won’t object if it gets results! I’m sure many besides myself will be very pleased to see it! Look for another post when it’s done.
    Kibz, we haven’t heard anything about P.O. closings in our region. We don’t have a lot of post offices and drop boxes around, so the ones we do have are very well used.

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