Cleared for takeoff


The Canada geese seem to be doing warm-ups for their fall migration. They rest and eat in open fields. In the mornings and evenings they’re gathering up and flying across the skies in increasingly large wedges, doing their raucous goose party honking.

We haven’t had a lot of summer this year. It’s hard to see it drawing to a close.

4 thoughts on “Cleared for takeoff”

  1. I too love watching and listening to the geese, mother nature at it’s best! Several years back I lived close to a sod farm and the geese landed there to feed and drink, no doubt to rest a bit. A few cranky neighbors petitioned the owner to do something about his geese they made too much noise. His reply with a big smile: sorry folks they don’t belong to me so I have no control over them they are part of natures creatures. 🙂

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