Wild beauties

One of the more gorgeous sights of early summer is the native nootka roses that bloom profusely in sunny areas. In addition to their delicate beauty they perfume the air with a heady, classic rose fragrance. They come and go within a couple of months, making their ephemeral beauty all the more special. By fall the bushes are covered with bright red hips.

6 thoughts on “Wild beauties”

  1. If you gather the roses, spread them out in a shallow cardboard box, you can dry them for sachets or potpourri, same thing with the hips… lovely shot, they have a heady, heavenly scent…

  2. Madge, good idea! I hadn’t thought to dry them. There’s so much lavender around here that’s the go-to flower for sachets and such. But roses are very close to my heart!

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