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  1. My husband and I both cut our own hair to save money. Once a year about, I go in and have a pro do it and it’s $25 plus a tip.
    Pat…I think it’s easier and cheaper for a man to get his hair cut. If my husband is going to have it done by someone, he just waits for the $7.99 coupon for Great Clips and goes in and it’s a very quick process.

  2. just wondering. is there a difference between barber shop and hair dresser?
    i always like the word barber shop…

  3. Cat, I’m not sure what the general opinion on it would be but I’ve always thought of a barber shop as more for men and a hairdresser for anyone. That might be an outdated thing though, I’ve never been in a barber shop that I can remember.

  4. Barber Shop, barbers and the barber pole out front is mostly fond memories now. When I was a small kid in the 40’s I got to go with my dad to the barber shop on ocassion when he got his haircut. Many men also got a shave, so interesting to watch the process, hot steam towels on the face, shaving cream and the smooth shave given with a straight edge razor, Great smelling after shave lotion and hair pomade let you know it was a mans world. A great shoe shine and you were all set for anything.

  5. Therese, what a memory to have! I’ve only seen a straight edge razor shave in movies and it looked a bit scary, one slip and ouch.

  6. I have two of them Shannon, they belonged to my Dad, they are indeed sharp I never knew him to nick himself. The sharpening is quite a process, using a hone (special type of fine sharpening stone) then polished on a leather strop. He would touch a hair on his arm and if it fell off it was sharp enough to shave tough whiskers.
    An old barber told me that when he went to barber school, they learn to shave by blowing up a balloon covering it with shaving cream and shaving without popping the balloon, which took lots of practice.

  7. Therese, how interesting to read that. I’d feel much safer doing that on a balloon than an actual person!

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