What's down this road?

When I see a road that I haven’t been on before I feel the urge to go explore it.  I was out driving and I saw a road called Fasola that I didn’t remember being on so I took it and I came upon a sign that said Green Haven Apartments, Vacancy.  I thought that was interesting because it didn’t look like a place at all that would have an apartment complex, it was on a rural road back in the woods.  I turned down that road and came upon the apartment complex.  It’s a pretty interesting place with chickens, a pond, trails.  You can check it out here.

5 thoughts on “What's down this road?”

  1. This is interesting. It is in an odd location? We are getting braver about going down new roads! There is usually something new to find isn’t there?

  2. Pat, it was interesting to me. Usually when you live in an apartment, you don’t get such a rural and wooded setting. I never would have expected it in that location if the sign wasn’t there and it looked like a nice place that was kept up well.

  3. It looks and sounds good…..a low price? I wonder why they aren’t completely filled? The PIGS through me a bit though..is there a smell?

  4. Pat, if there are pigs there they are not right by the complex. I saw chickens on the back land of it. I think it said it’s on 4 acres. I didn’t smell anything.

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