Jungle Janes

Otherwise known as the little blue house by Costco.  I drove by and the colorful displays drew me in so I stopped by to check it out.

7 thoughts on “Jungle Janes”

  1. Shannon, you will have to give us more information…..is this the Name? And are they selling these things? Give an example of price. I have been totally unsure of what this store (?) is!!! They have a great location because you sure can’t miss them coming from Costco.

  2. Pat…I wasn’t really looking at the prices. The owner (at least I think he was the owner) was there and I spent the time talking with him and taking pictures. He said its name is Jungle Janes or more commonly referred to as the little blue house by Costco. Yes, they are selling those things and they are going to have things inside too. They sell the greenhouses also. I’m like you guys, I’ve passed by a few times and then curiosity finally got the best of me.

  3. Thank you for stopping! The roosters have been calling me, too, as have some of the other animals but I can’t get my husband interested. (I think they’re cute. He thinks they’re silly. I’m all for silly!) There’s one of these roosters living now where the “attack cow” sign was posted in one of your earlier pictures. . .

  4. Thanks Shannon for the info. Just curious about the prices, but now I’ll stop and look to find out! They look like Mexico? We are fond of Maria’s Cilantro in town (YUM YUM YUM) and she has a big sunflower on the wall styled the same. The funny thing is, they bring everything inside at night. I believe they need to invest in a fence and some sort of security…it must be a chore to do this every night!

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