12 thoughts on “Theme Day-The Color Green”

  1. Such a lovely range of greens from the hay, to the field, to the tractor. Actually, I am not sure that I like the rounded hay in preference to the oblong hay of years gone by. I guess it must be easier to roll somehow.

  2. Shannon: Here are some selected photos from LANL of the Las Conchas Fire to give you an idea of where I live (in White Rock which is part of Los Alamos). Rare that LANL would allow these types of photos. http://lasconchas.lanl.gov/ Notice: Not much green here on Color Green Theme Day 🙁

  3. oooh, i like this one a lot!
    i somehoe always miss theme day… 🙁 buuuhhh. although im more into purple anyways.. 😀

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