6 thoughts on “Camping at Dungeness Rec Area part 2”

  1. I believe the flowers would be Wild Rose. I have a batch of that in my yard mixed in with the wild blackberries and my cousin’s husband proclaimed, Wow, you’ve
    got Wild Rose here…like I was lucky. Since then I have noticed a neighbor’s has formed his into a nice privacy hedge at the street. They are lovely when they bloom and they are in different sizes.

  2. Congratulations on 400K!
    These are beautiful pictures. The spit *does* look very crowded. Wish I was there; it’s been at least 100 degrees for the past three days. 🙂
    I wonder if those wild roses would make rose hip tea or rose preserves? I have heard they are high in vitamin C.

  3. The pinks are wild roses – mostly nootka, but there’s also one called a bald hip rose with bigger hips and different thorns. They are all wonderfully fragrant. They leave behind lots of hips later in the season after they’ve bloomed and I’d guess they’d make great rose hip jelly. (They ARE high in vitamin C.) They don’t transplant readily but once they’ve established they grow like weeds. The Clallam Conservation District sells them at their annual native plant sale.

  4. thank you for the educational bits on what those pink flowers are. I’ll have to keep an eye on them on our walks. There was also some kind of orange flower up in the trees that the hummingbirds were attracted to.
    There were a lot of people on the spit, probably all excited like we were to finally be getting some sunny and warm days.

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