6 thoughts on “Bakery in Sequim”

  1. Happy Birthday to your Husband! well you got in there before me! I was always meaning to go in a see what this place sold. Always going to the Post Office (less crowded) and seeing the placard out front with their specials of the day. So these are new owners? Do they still serve soups also?

  2. Will have to stop by here once we get to Sequim. It’s been one delay after the other, but we hope to be leaving a windy and warm Las Vegas this week and start our trek to your delightful and beautiful town of Sequim. Happy Birthday greetings to your husband too!

  3. Thanks, I will share your birthday wishes with him! He had a good one, we were camping and it was perfect weather the whole time, sunny with a slight breeze.
    Pat, I do think they still serve soups because a guy was eating it at the table when I was there and also there were cornbread muffins on the shelf. The new owner got all the recipes with the business I believe.
    I didn’t want a whole pie so I got slices of what was available there and that was a slice of turtle cheesecake (I think that was the name) and a slice of rhubarb pie…two things we hadn’t had before and they were DELICIOUS! We split each one and could not believe how yummy they were.
    The old owner always had really reasonable prices on stuff, I hope that holds true to the new owner too.
    Ginny, safe travels to you! The weather right now is beautiful in Sequim, I hope it holds for you.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Eli! Many happy returns of the day.
    Well you had me on this one…I had no idea they had new owners. I’ll have to check it out…I’m always up for pie.

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