Eagle on Marine Drive

A couple days ago Erin commented asking about eagles in Sequim.  We see a lot of eagles here.  The only place I can remember seeing as many eagles as I do here was on the San Juan Islands when we vacationed there.

8 thoughts on “Eagle on Marine Drive”

  1. My goal is to one day see these magnificent birds perched on my board fence. Not likely to happen but there is life without hope as an alternative. Your photo is magnificent.

  2. Another GEM!!!!! We had a Bald Eagle land in the yard across from us last week….being pestered by smaller birds….(maybe he had killed one of their babies?) He was gigantic! I could not take a photo (I had camera in my hands) because the posts of the fence blocked him out! Shannon, you really have the knack for perfect photos!

  3. Shannon, Great pictures. I am from the Boston, Mass area and soon will be visiting my sister who lives in Sequim. I have shared your website with many of my friends here in New England, they are now hooked. Thanks!!

  4. Shannon, My husband and I are leaving early tomorrow morning for a vacation in Port Townsend/Sequim/Port Angeles. I’ve been frantically getting ready, so didn’t see your anniversary post until now. Congrats, thanks, and please keep it up !!! Sequim Daily Photo is often the highlight of my day and certainly was a big inspiration for the trip we begin tomorrow. As all the responses from yesterday showed, we really are out there and appreciate you! —- GREAT eagle picture !!

  5. Spectacular picture – you can almost feel the texture of its feathers! And the eye is so clear and amazing! I love seeing these birds flying around here but never get so close as this shot brings me. You’ve really outdone yourself with this one, Shannon!

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