Theme Day-Under Construction

Today is theme day for City Daily Photo and it is also the one year mark of me posting pictures to this site.  My goal in the back of my mind when I started was one year…so mission accomplished.  Special thanks to those who visit, especially those who leave comments and let me know you are out there.  Without that, I’d probably have lost motivation.

This picture above is where Ross Dress for Less and the Grocery Outlet are coming to Sequim.

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17 thoughts on “Theme Day-Under Construction”

  1. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! Yours is one of the first web sites I visit every morning. Don’t think for one minute that your efforts aren’t appreciated.

    Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks Shannon! Your dedication to this is much appreciated. Maybe someday our stories will be similar. My wife and I have vacationed in the area often and bought land in 2009 to ultimately build on….we just haven’t pulled the trigger to relocate yet until we figure out the whole ‘income’ thing (we are both just under 4o with a 22 mo old daughter). We are hoping to be there by sometime during our daughter’s elementary school years. But one month from tomorrow we are there for two week’s vacation – yippee! 🙂

    When the day does come, if you are still doing this I’ll volunteer to help out…only fair given I’ve had this site on my RSS feed and have viewed it daily for 3 years.

    Thanks again!

  3. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! I found this site several months ago, and literally start my day with it. Your pictures, and Lavender Lady’s before you, have made Sequim really come alive for me, since I only get to see it in the winter for a few weeks a year. Thank you, Shannon, so very much for all of the wonderful pictures you have given us this past year. You have introduced me to so many new places that I might never have found without your efforts. Your posts have made me laugh and sigh so many times.
    Please don’t stop!

  4. And I agree with the above! Since Lavender Lady is my sister and we have visited often, it gives me a sense of “all is well” to visit your site ever morning. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

  5. Don’t lose motivation! I am from New England and view your photos daily, wishing I were there. I already feel like I am part of the town! Hope to be there in the future. Thanks so much for all your work and dedication 🙂

  6. Congrats to you Shannon! It must feel good to make that goal! You are the first site I click on when I sit down in the mornings…even before my e-mail!! Sometimes I will go to other sites while I think of an appropriate comment. Sometimes I forget and then it isn’t until the evening that I comment.(old age) You have a gift with photography…let’s hope it leads to something you can profit from. I also started with Norma’s site and found it inspiring and informative and you definitely carry on her spirit. Plus I have found a great e-mail friend!!! That’s the best part!

  7. Ditto all the above comments. This is a daily “must check” site, first as a Sequim touchstone in the years before we moved here, enjoying Norma’s posts, and then for the last 15 months since we’ve lived here. I hope you’ll stick with it. You’ve caught many of my favorite places and introduced me to a good many others. This site is a wonderful treat (though I know how tough it can be to have that every day obligation). In any case, Bravo Shannon! You’ve done great work!

  8. I want you to know that I visit every single day, just rarely comment. We plan on relocating to Sequim in the future, and I love seeing all the pictures of the area. Keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks so much for your efforts to continue the Sequim Daily Photo. I have the Sequim Syndrome and your photos have made my Sequim visit last month feel like coming home. I too have “move to Sequim” plans.

    I can’t count the number of times I passed by a familiar site or purposefully set out to find that special Sequim Daily Photo picture, live and in person. And, how excited I was when I found a familiar scene.

    You also inspired me to start up my own daily photo blog. I also convinced a friend to start a photo blog of her own. All that started with your Sequim Daily Photo Blog.

    Happy One Year Anniversary!

  10. Congratulations, Shannon! Your dedication and beautiful photos are greatly appreciated! I also look forward every day to seeing what the photo will be. I have been fortunate to be a resident of Sequim for two years now and started checking out Norma’s photos in 2008.
    I hope you will keep up the awesome work!

  11. Shannon, congratulations on your first anniversary. Hasn’t it been fun? From the comments so far and those to follow, see how much your blog means to people, whether from the Olympic Peninsula or elsewhere?

  12. congratulations!!
    i do hope you continue!
    i often check and think of commenting, go do something else and forget…

  13. Wow! Has it really been a year? Thanks for your dedication, I can’t even count how many times your photo has made my day. I hope you continue for a long, long time!

  14. Wow, all these comments have made my day! So glad to know so many people have enjoyed Norma’s pictures before and mine now. Sequim really is an amazing place to live and those who say they have plans to move here…I think you’ll find great happiness here, especially if you are a nature lover like we are. There is something we have found in Sequim that we haven’t found anywhere else.
    Thank you all for the nice comments, I appreciated each one.

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