Fat Kids Kitchen

Saw this bus in town so we had to stop and talk to them and pet the pooches.   Their website says “Since 2006, Fat Kids Kitchen has traveled thousands of miles serving free, delicious meals to hungry folks everywhere we go.”

6 thoughts on “Fat Kids Kitchen”

  1. That bus is a photographer’s dream. I want to admire their philanthropy, but the bus gets in my way.

  2. I agree with Jack… I want to admire what they do (and the quality of the food) – but the bus gets in the way…. Very unique. Glad you stopped for a photo though!

  3. Tell us more! I don’t know if I’d want to eat anything out of that bus! Do they volunteer somewhere? And where are they from?

  4. yes, would also like to know more!
    how do they get the money? travelling around?
    the bus looks very interesting…

  5. When I asked them where they were from, they were from all different places.
    On their website they had a donation button and a wish list and I imagine people walk up to them and give them donations on the spot too.
    The pictures on the website show them set up feeding meals, but it’s not on the bus. I think they carry all the equipment for it on top the bus.

  6. Thank you for the answer Shannon….wonder what the license plate was?? Everyone out there , have a safe Memorial Day! Our only goal is to watch our Indy 500…fun to watch something so insanely fast from the comfort of our easychairs!!

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