Saying goodbye to a friend

This was my parents dog, he left us yesterday and we will all miss him.  This picture was the last I had of him, taken by my Mom when they came to see us last month.  We were at the vacation rental and got caught up in a game of Horse/basketball and next thing we know there was Buddy swimming around in the pond like a little beaver, happy as can be.  So we let him swim for a bit and then he got a bath outside and this was right after that bath. 

It is so hard losing a pet, they are our family and so much of our routine is wrapped around them.  It’s hard to imagine them not here anymore.  We will miss you Buddy, you were a great dog.

8 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to a friend”

  1. Yes, Buddy you will be greatly missed. The house just doesn’t seem the same. There are reminders everywhere. You were a loyal and true companion and you did an amazing job of taking care of your “Pappa” after his heart attack. You brought him so much joy and laugher and after the way you came into our lives….I believe you were sent for just that purpose. Along the way I came to love you too. Our hearts are heavy but we know you are running, playing and enjoying whatever water you can find… and all while free of pain! R.I.P. Budster

  2. It’s difficult to lose a pet. They are not “just” a pet – but part of the family. We recently lost our 12 yr old lab. We also have an 18 and 11 year old cats. Guess one way to avoid the pain of losing a pet is to get a parrot. Some of them out live their owners – which creates another kind of problem.

  3. I am so sorry! This is something we (with pets) all face. Tess is aging now rapidly (she will be 12 in Aug)..she has the dreaded beginnings of DM (a muscular disease common in Shepherds)…it makes me sick to think about it. Bless Buddy and the good and happiness he has brought to your lives! How old was he? He looks like he lived a happy life, especially that he had the interest to go swimming like a youngster. Our thoughts are with you.

  4. Oh I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine losing mine… I always thought people were so strange to get worked up over their pets – until I got one of my own. She is truly a member of the family.

  5. I read a quote somewhere: Until one has loved an animal part of the soul remains unawakened. They give so much and ask for so little. So sorry for your loss!

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