View from home

This is part of my neighbor Norma’s yard.  Isn’t it so pretty and peaceful looking?  Those who have been coming for a while know Norma; she did this photo site before me (and resists my attempts to get her to take it back over!)   You might recognize the purple bush in this picture, it’s where I released my butterflies.

7 thoughts on “View from home”

  1. Thank you for posting this picture. Norma is my sister, and her yard is indeed beautiful. We spent a wonderful long weekend there last July.

  2. So lovely! Norma, you have a beautiful backyard! I remember you building that Gardening Shed! It looked like a beautiful DollHouse when you got done! Shannon, you are both so lucky to have each other as neighbors!

  3. Wow! All that hard work certainly pays off. I remember seeing the garden shed in process, too, but don’t recall seeing the rest. What a sweet spot! The butterflies had a wonderful introduction to Mother Nature. Nice view of it, Shannon!

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