5 thoughts on “Barn by Friendly Lane”

  1. Larry’s shots of Sequim are very good! I am embarrassed to say we have not actually walked down to those beaches like he did. Well we have this summer to try that. And the eagles are spectacular. Now to your BARN…thanks for that link , I could probably spend a couple hours reading about and looking up certain barns. I feel sad about some of the local ones that are falling into disrepair. I suppose it takes a bit of $$ to repair them. This barn is beautiful isn’t it? Just nice and simple.

  2. Fine-looking barn! I think it is great the people restore and care for these barns and preserve their history for posterity.

  3. Thanks for the link! I have been wondering whether there was some way to find out about the barns in the area. So grateful to you to lead me to the site! Love your photos!

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