Dungeness Rec Area

I took this leaving Dungeness Rec Area yesterday.  We went over there because we wanted to grab a camping spot for the weekend…but they still have loop one closed.   That leaves just loop two-which all the good sites were reserved.   I tried calling both the park itself and the parks system and got voicemail.  I emailed too, but no answer.   So camping was out this weekend.  I miss the days where you couldn’t reserve at that campground, but I understand that for someone on vacation it’s a good thing to lock in your spot.  That is why we like loop one, it’s first come first occupy.  If it were open that would work out really well 😉

8 thoughts on “Dungeness Rec Area”

  1. Sorry about your camping plans. We just drove through here on Thurs. and wondered if this is where the Lighthouse Hike starts? And also it says Fee Area, is that for the hike? I saw they are busy building some sort of structure here also. NOTE: I think it’s since the Internet that all the Parks (including the State Parks)are on this Reserve in Advance System. So hard now to get a spot for the weekend!

  2. Pat, yes that is where the hike begins and what the fee area is for. The entrance to the hike has been under construction for a bit, but you can still go. Last time we did it (walked down to the beach, not the whole hike), it was a $3 fee or you could also buy an annual pass. I don’t know if that has increased or not. We walk the dogs around the border of the park and cross through there often, but you can’t take them down the trail to the spit so we haven’t been on that trail for a while.
    The camping fees keep sneaking up and up.

  3. What a glorious spot. This could have been taken close to where our daughter lives in Colorado…fascinating how similar!

  4. Gorgeous shot. Shannon, thank you for the poem today. I haven’t yet googled it . . . I assume it is one you know, not one you wrote. If you know it, I am impressed. If you wrote it, I am hornswaggled.

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