Random view

An area off Highway 101 in Sequim.  When you see an area that is thick with dandelions and then the yard next to it has none…what are those people doing that keeps them out?

7 thoughts on “Random view”

  1. Maybe just the mowing keeps it down? We have a few yards here full of yellow but none dare encroach upon our grass. NOTE: we’ve never had to spray anything however…even my Roses, I have yet to open up my Immunox or Aphid Spray. (almost 6 years now). No Fleas have bothered us either. Love the Gazebo in this shot!

  2. I think Pat’s right. It’s mowing. We’ve got wall to wall dandelions but they don’t show so much after we’ve mowed. At a distance and when freshly mowed it looks much better. But some of them duck when they hear the mower coming and pop up again in no time, laughing at our feeble attempts.

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