Butterfly Project

For Christmas, one of the gifts that my husband got me was a butterfly kit from Insect Lore.  The kit came with a pop-up habitat, a dropper, instructions and a coupon for butterfly larvae.  It has to be at least 55 degrees out to release them, so I waited until a couple weeks ago to order the larvae.  A few days after that I got a container with 5 small caterpillars in it.  The first picture shows that, the second picture shows the end result…my first butterfly (look on the left yellow flower).  It has been really fun and interesting seeing them go through the different stages.  Right now I have two that have emerged and are ready for release.  If you want to see them in all stages, let me know.

They are Painted Lady Butterflies.

4 thoughts on “Butterfly Project”

  1. This is very interesting. I didn’t know that they could sell butterfly caterpillars in a container. Very clever in the packaging. It is actually interesting to be able to see the habitat and to see how one can become a butterfly. I would like to see the stages. Thank you for the post.

  2. You know I love photos Shannon! When you have the time send them my way! The only thing I’ve done close to this is buying the containers of ladybugs and preying mantis at Home Depot. (NOTE: the ladybugs worked! I never have had to spray my roses here in Sequim…they do all the work!)

  3. What a neat project! I’d love to see all the stages. (Thank you!) Do you know if painted ladies are native to this area? Do they make sure they’re appropriate before they send them to you?

    We bought ladybugs before we moved here and they all quickly took off for greener pastures. Out here we have so much wind they’d be halfway to Jefferson County before we finished releasing them.

  4. Kay, it has been a lot of fun watching them. The enclosed information booklet said they live throughout North America so you can safely release them anywhere where the temp is above 55 degrees. My neighbor/friend Norma (who did the blog before me) has a beautiful yard with many pretty flowers and plants so I’m going to release them there.
    I want to do ladybugs too, they have a kit for that too.
    I looked on Amazon and the butterfly kit is only $12 something right now and then you have to pay for the caterpillars to be sent, but what a fun project for kids (and adult kids like me) and the classroom.

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