Military Defense Agency's SBX radar vessel

I read in the Peninsula Daily News that this was coming through the Strait yesterday, so I went down to check it out.  It was pretty cool seeing it go through the water.   You can read about it here or see a short video on it here.

7 thoughts on “Military Defense Agency's SBX radar vessel”

  1. I captured this also! It was very slow wasn’t it? We saw it coming. I am short so couldn’t really see the top of it across Protection Island but Mike kept watch and finally when it was in a good position I took some shots. We also saw a trident sub about an hour earlier.

  2. Pat, it was going soooo slow! I am such a goober, I didn’t know it went that slow. I called the PDN and asked when they thought it would be going through Sequim and they said some time after noon. It was close to that then so I got in my truck and hurried down there and this lady was going really slow in front of me on the way there and I was thinking hurry up lady, I’m going to miss it! Then I got down there and saw how slow it was moving and laughed.
    My neighbor was also down there and she told me she’d tracked it on so she knew exactly when it would be there.

  3. Shannon, thank you for that link to the website…I was wishing there was a way to know what time…we were watching TV and kept swiveling our heads!!!! YIKES. It was so slow.

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