6 thoughts on “Bears at the Game Farm”

  1. Shannon we saw the most extraordinary (sort of a dumb word? It was anything BUT extra ordinary!) things when driving through cattle country in Northern Calif. A cow was giving birth right in view of the road..it was halfway out! Something special to see…we couldn’t stop , we were on the highway.

  2. Oh man, haha – I was about to say – don’t they look so sweet? What cute teddybears. Haha. Then I kept scrolling. The glories of nature. 😉

  3. Pat, your comment about me on the hood made me laugh. And husband doesn’t get to drive at the game farm, I’m not having my windows locked down on me!
    Larry, I hope you have a blast there. I really enjoyed it. Don’t forget about the coupon that I posted the link to earlier. The only area that I really feel sorry for the animals is the wild cats, they have such a small space and that must drive them nuts. All the other animals have room to roam and a more natural environment.

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