Home in Sequim

We saw this house while on a drive.  It has awesome views of the Strait and the mountains.  It might actually be in Port Angeles, the road we took is close to boundary between the two.

13 thoughts on “Home in Sequim”

  1. Pat, I don’t know which famous people live here, but I have heard some do. I read that Lindsay Wagner does. I grew up watching her in the Bionic Woman. I bet you liked Max (the dog) if you ever watched that show. I sure did. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80p6DQMh6kY
    Larry, you are coming pretty soon aren’t you? I hope you have a good time here and the weather isn’t too dreary!

  2. Lots of famous people around here (Santa Fe). But, I’m looking into moving to Sequim and getting out of high and dry and near water. I’m not famous, however.

  3. Shannon, do you remember Lynda Day George? 60’s and 70’s TV popular at the time, was in Mission Impossible. She lives over a ways from me in Gardenerville.

  4. Pat, I didn’t know her by name, but I looked her up and I’d seen her face before. I’ve never seen Mission Impossible, it was on before I was born according to Wikipedia.

    This would be a pretty cool place to retire. I’d like a few more sunny days, but we pretty much have it all when it comes to nature and there aren’t many places that I know of that are like that.

  5. This is a pretty spectacular home. I ould love to see the inside. The trees are all so perfect, it looks like a Christmas tree farm.

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