4 thoughts on “Weather”

  1. A great shot Shannon! And the Dungeness Lighthouse is a speck in the middle! How calm and beautiful. Have you ever hiked out to the Lighthouse? Any readers out there who have? I have heard it is a very strenuous hike but worth it.

  2. Shannon, we trade with you , currently hot desert winds (Santanas) till friday in San Diego County , wish we had nature’s sprinkler system, would certainly drop wildfire danger!

  3. Pat, we haven’t hiked out there. We’ve gone down to the beach, but not all the way out. I remember the hill at the bottom being steep. When we get a day to do something like that, we like to include the dogs and they aren’t allowed there.
    Siegfried, you can keep those 😉 I like how you put that, nature’s sprinkler system.

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