Come back

When I went shopping, this little nugget of cuteness was in the car next to me just howling away.  Not barking, just full out howls…must have been lonely.  But when I’d talk to him (or her) it would quiet down and just stare.  Grocery shopping is probably my least enjoyed chore so I welcome little disturbances like that.  On those quizzes or questions that ask would you rather have a maid or a cook…neither for me, I’d pick grocery shopper.

3 thoughts on “Come back”

  1. I love all your recent photos. I still can’t get to your blog for some reason. I am at the media lab at the college doing my homework and thought I would try reaching you from here. I hope your having a wonderful weekend.

  2. Yikes. And I feel bad if I leave my dog in the car and she only barks once or twice! That’s daring leaving a dog in there for that long… Looking for a friend who knows what mischief he could get into!

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