The Cedars at Dungeness

This is a shot of The Cedars at Dungeness.  If you are into golf, their website is worth checking out.  They even have a web cam and descriptions of each hole (including one shaped like a crab, check it out in the photo gallery, it’s pretty cool.)  I’m more of a miniature golf person, but I like their landscaping and kudos to whoever did their website because it’s pretty impressive, especially for this area.

4 thoughts on “The Cedars at Dungeness”

  1. A pretty shot with the contrast of the water and the green. Looks very inviting but alas, I am like you and am more of the miniature person! I think you have to be very well off to play the real thing….some of the Greens Fees are so high! I just like to look.

  2. I don’t even play miniature golf but I like this place. The restaurants serve good food and you’re right — the landscaping is wonderful.

  3. Thank you very much, Shannon, for your kind comment!

    As you probably know, I play golf frequently. This looks like a wonderful course…nice and green and a little water! One problem I have is that my ball likes water and takes a drink too often during a round.

    Beautiful pic, too!

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